• Offset & Digital Printing

  • Offset and Digital Printing

    PIP Printing offers a wide variety of services, but our roots are in offset and digital printing! We are always happy to educate customers about the differences in the two methods and help guide you in the right direction for your printing needs.

    Digital Printing: Digital Printing uses dry toners to create 4 color images (our RICOH 7110 actually has a 5th color section, meaning we can print with Clear & White toner as well!) We have a production-rated machine, meaning we can produce high-quality prints that envy offset machines. This is great for customers, as they can get smaller quantities of the same products (and save money!) 

    Another great feature to printing digitally is the variable data we can merge. Think mailings, custom cards, name tags, and MUCH more! In offset printing, you would have to set each of those names up on a new plate and it would cost a fortune. Digital comes to the rescue and lets us customize our prints with a simple mail merge!

  • Offset Printing: Offset Printing uses traditional ink to create text and images. This is done by creating aluminum plates and rolling the text/images onto the paper. This is the best way to print when you have a large order or need accurate color reproduction (either attempting to match something printed before, or a PMS color match)! We can use a wide variety of papers, finishing methods, and ink colors to create the product you envision.

    We would advise consulting with a PIP staff member to see if offset printing is the best option for your next print project. Because we have such a high-quality digital machine (see above), we can do small-to-medium sized runs on the RICOH 7110 and be more cost effective than an offset press. 

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