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If you’re visiting us on this website, that means you found our new URL! The undertaking of making our own website as a separate part of the PIP Corporate reach, has been a huge undertaking many months in the process. We’re so excited that you were able to find our new website and check out all the services we can offer you and your printing/marketing needs.

If you’ve never utilized our services before, you’re in for quite a treat! Since we’ve been updating all of our online presence, from our new Facebook account, our Twitter account, and our BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Pinterest account (where 99% of our portfolio is being hosted), we’ve learned a lot about the new and updated needs of many clients. We’re expanding into digital sales and marketing, too! We truly are a full-service printing and marketing company. We have it all, so why go anywhere else?

Speaking of moving into digital sales.. That’s vague, right? Well, these sales are really based on what you and your business need from us. This can range anywhere from ordering promotional products from a custom-made easy order website, consultation for your website and social media, marketing strategies for increasing business and driving sales to your company, and so much more. If you have something that you think a marketing company could help you with, we’re here for you!

The printing market is not dying. In fact, we’ve noticed an increasing trend in print sales. To clarify, “print sales” are not just being classified as paper handouts you get on the streets. These really vary from: business cards, mailers, healthcare documents, books, folders, and anything else you can think of that puts ink on a product. You give us the idea, we can give you a quote.

The PIP team on 96th street (PS.. That’s us) is friendly, innovative, and we provide high quality work and customer service. Our customers truly come first in our family-based environment. The value we put on our customers has driven us to make these web changes to make sure we can fulfill the needs of you and your business. We want to offer as much as we can so appeal to a wide variety of customers.

PIP is already making a mark on the Indianapolis printing and marketing needs (you don’t have to be local to hire us!), and we are ready to continue expanding. Our online presence updates are the first steps in creating more efficient ways to reach the right clients and those who we know would benefit from our printing and marketing services (that’s you!)

If you need more reasons than all of these we just mentioned to consider getting something done here, give us a call. We’re available to answer your questions!

-Carol, Jerry, TJ, Teyna, MaryBeth & the pups

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