Product labels, stickers, and graphic decals can be vital to your branding and promotional efforts. Plus, when was the last time you thought about your company’s labels? You may not be giving them the same amount of attention you give your other marketing efforts, and it’s time to change that! Well-designed, strongly branded labels can help you stand out on a shelf or in a mailbox. Plus, bold decals can help generate word-of-mouth marketing. Learn what a good label can do for your business and when it may be time to retool or replace them:


What they do: 72% of Americans say a product’s packaging influences their purchasing decision. In the retail environment, your labeling may be your only chance to make an impression. Even online, you still need a label that breaks through the clutter, communicates functional benefits, and connects with a customer.
When or why to update or refresh them: Your top priority is ensuring your labels are accurate and contain current information about your product. If your brand or your product has changed significantly, it’s time to redo the labels. When you add new SKUs, you’ll need new barcodes, and you should also ensure there’s consistency in your product packaging.


What they do: If you have products selling in several markets or verticals, you might use specific labels or unique brand identities. Alternatively, if you’re purchasing a product from another manufacturer or third-party seller and then offering it as your own, you’ll want packaging that reflects your own company.

When or why to update or refresh them: Just like any other product label, these labels should incorporate your brand’s fonts, colors, and images to look like they’re part of a family. If your brand changes, your packaging should, too.


What they do: Mailing stickers and decals can add visual appeal to a plain brown box or envelope at a fraction of the price of a custom-printed package. In addition to decorating a package, bold graphic decals also make great swag for customers and employees. Plus, they can even enhance your other marketing efforts. (Think about how Apple used its stickers to build customer loyalty and generate millions in free advertising.)

When or why to update or refresh them: Mailing labels should always have your current address and contact information. Since decals are quick and easy to make, we recommend creating new options frequently. This is especially important if you manufacture or sell consumer products with a short repurchase cycle.


What they do: Graphic labels and clings are popular signage solutions, offering a cost-effective and flexible alternative to permanent signs. They can be used for branding, promotion, and even for wayfinding.

When or why to update or refresh them: Even though clings are printed on high-quality materials, they can show signs of wear. This is particularly evident if they’re in an area with heavy foot traffic, or if they’re directly exposed to the elements. Signage that draws attention to promotions should always keep up with current offers and prices.


What they do: Certain manufactured products may require safety warnings. A common example is using a ‘choking hazard’ label on a product that includes small parts or plastic wrapping. Safety labels also contain information to help customers use a product properly and safely.

When or why to replace or update them: Even though different industries have unique safety standards, we’re happy to look at your labels to make sure they’re effective and durable.


In addition to labels, we also produce:

  • ADA-compliant signage
  • Social distancing signs

We also offer a full range of print and signage solutions, too. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with a wide variety of business needs.

Watch PIP Metro Indy’s short clip to learn more about how labels can help your brand ‘stick’ around:

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