Company-branded apparel offers many of the same benefits of a uniform but with a more casual vibe your employees or customers will appreciate. We offer a wide range of items that can be customized to fit the needs of any business. Branded apparel can be just as creative and fashion forward as your business: It can look trendy and graphic or clean, classic and buttoned-up.

Using custom-logoed/branded items can still let your employees add their own personal touches and wear comfortable clothing they already own. Plus, custom apparel can also be used for off-site occasions when you want your employees to look like part of a team, such as conferences, community events or sponsored functions where your company has a presence (e.g., a charity walk or gala). 

Bold custom shirts and jackets not only visually unite your employees but also serve as potent advertising for your business. The overall effect is like you having a fleet of professional representatives on hand, which sends a powerful message to potential customers. These custom apparel items can also be used as giveaways or gifts to customers to help spread the word about your business. 

We can provide a full range of options and can cover your employees or customers from head to toe: from hats to socks and everything in between! Here are a few of our all-time bestsellers.

Long and Short-Sleeve T-shirts

T-shirts are consistently one of our most-requested items. They’re cost-effective, popular with employees and make excellent customer giveaway items. Plus, with a T-shirt, the sky is the limit for creativity: you can go simple, subtle or wildly colorful.


Jackets are a nice touch that can instantly create the feel of a uniform, and they’re a must for outdoor events during cooler times. There are so many styles that can send a message about your organization: fleece zip-ups are a little more casual and easy-going, while jackets equipped with technical fabrics and features give a more upscale vibe. An attractive and functional jacket makes a nice perk for all your employees or as a customer appreciation thank you, so it’s worth spending a little more to get a premium-quality item.

Hats and Caps

During sunny, outdoor events, a hat can protect your employees/customers from the sun and improve their ability to see. We offer a wide variety of designs, fabrications and logo treatments so you can get the options that fit your style and budget.  

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are classic for a reason. They look good on almost everyone and they’re appropriate for nearly any occasion. Today’s polos are anything but basic: they’re available in a variety of fabrics, fits and every color you can imagine. One popular customization option is a logo or business name embroidered on the chest or one of the sleeves.

Safety Gear

If you’re looking for heavy-duty safety gear that can stand up to the needs of tough jobs, we’ve got you and your employees/customers covered with safety vests and hardhats. We can also help with personalized protective gear, such as shields, masks and gloves.

We can help you select the options that will be the right fit for your business, your employees/customers and your budget. Whether you use your graphics and designs or want us to create something new for you, we’ll make sure your branded clothing looks great and shows your company in the best light. Give us a call to discuss your next project

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