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Wayfinding signs are critical to your company’s customer service experience; they’re used in any location where it is necessary to help guests, employees or customers avoid becoming lost and frustated.

There are typically four types of wayfinding signs: identification, directional, informational and regulatory. Custom signs reflecting these four purposes can be used to provide directions, draw attention to stairways, reinforce emergency messaging, indicate designated areas (smoking, cell phone usage), and much more.

Below are five customer service benefits of implementing wayfinding signs:

Welcome visitors:

Encourage customers to feel welcome in your facility with strategically placed signs. This is especially important in large spaces or locations where there is a steady stream of patrons. Customers that feel welcomed will be at ease and more inclined to support your organization.

Improve navigation:

Wayfinding signs let customers know that they are parking, shopping, and walking in the right place. Assuring customers or potential customers that they aren’t making any missteps is a practical way of encouraging them to return and visit your place of businesses.

Reinforce your brand:

Wayfinding signs are a great way to highlight your brand to customers and potential customers, underscoring what your business stands for and believes in. These types of signs will help you stand out from other local businesses. Choose designs that use the same logo, colors, fonts, symbols or other elements that strengthen your branding across all signage (interior and exterior).

Enhance your professionalism:

Make sure you communicate that you are a professional company with well-maintained signs — created by skilled experts —  that influence the viewer’s perception of your company. Is yours a multilingual audience? Consider signs in a selection of languages that tell people where to go and what to do when they get there.

Show customers you care:

Investing in high-quality signs lets your customers know that you value how they see you. While wayfinding signs serve many functional purposes, they’re also a significant way to support and even elevate the perception of your brand.

If you own or manage a facility — especially a large one — wayfinding signs need to be part of your overall customer service strategy. We can help you develop that strategy and create signs that lead to satisfied customers who return to your business, again and again. Contact us today to see how our expert team can help your next project!

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