PIP Metro Indy's Quarterly Wrap-Up: Q2 2022

Q2 of 2022 saw new challenges, new customers, and new opportunities, and we’re thankful for our customers for continuing to choose our team at PIP Metro Indy. We’ve worked hard this past quarter to come up with innovative ideas to help circumvent supply chain issues and provide high-quality results to even the most out-of-the-box projects. Despite the drastic changes in the print, signage, and marketing industries over the last few months, we’re more excited than ever to see what’s in store for our customers and team over the next few months. Here are the top 4 industry trends on the horizon for Q3:

1. Live Events And Gatherings See Continuous Expansion

As mentioned in our Q1 2022 Wrap-Up, events, tradeshows and in-person gatherings are continuing to grow and reach larger audiences. Don’t be fooled, though—this resurgence doesn’t exclude online events that are still in full swing. Both audiences are seeking a personalized and intentional experience from organizers, and we anticipate the participating marketing teams will continue stepping up to the plate. Items such as customized promotional products, branded handouts, and eye-catching displays are helping PIP Metro Indy’s customers stand out from their competition and draw larger audiences to their events. We’d love to help you craft your next event experience from idea to your end customer; give our expert team a call to schedule a discovery meeting to see how we can assist.

2. Pre-planning Projects Is Essential

A continuing trend from Q1, turnaround times across all products are still at an all-time high — from prints to signage to promotional products, no product has been spared. Our manufacturers and vendors are doing their best to get back to their full swing, but they are still not able to fully match the demand for their products. If you’ve got an upcoming project that has a firm deadline, we strongly request that you let our team know as soon as possible so we can better assist in meeting your date. Whether that means looking at other print and signage materials, using another vendor or providing alternative products, we want to ensure you have your project in hands when you need it! We will do our best to inform you of any potential delays in production when processing your project. While we recommend you plan ahead as early as possible, we understand that isn’t always an option. If you have any questions about deadlines or turnaround times, please give our expert team a call to discuss your project’s specific needs. 

3. Raw Materials Impacted By Continued Delays and Inventory Reduction

As is the industry standard, raw material shortages are still affecting production, shipping, as well as the overall product inventory that PIP Metro Indy is able to keep on hand for rush projects. However, the team at PIP Metro Indy is consistently looking for other vendors or better pricing so we can continue to provide our customers with high quality products. If we’re not able to source your initially requested material, we will work diligently to find other solutions to ensure we provide the product you are anticipating! If you want to discuss what materials would be the best for an upcoming project, give our expert team a call!

4. Creative Promotional Products and Giveaways Stand Out

With an increase in tradeshows, events, and gatherings comes an increase in demand looking for unique and creative promotional products and giveaways. Whether you’re looking for locally made knick-knacks or a large showstopper, PIP Metro Indy is ready to find the product of your dreams. These pieces can draw attention to your brand for the lifetime of the product, not just the event, and are a great investment for any industry. If your company has an idea that is really out-of-the-box, we’d love to hear it and see how it could best be accomplished. If you need some inspiration or have ideas for your next promotional product or giveaway, give our expert team a call to see how we can help.

Our team is here to support you and find the best solution for any of your upcoming projects. We’re keeping an eye on the latest trends in printing and signage to keep our customers on the cutting edge to stand out from their competition. If you need some additional inspiration, check out our Pinterest for past projects we’ve completed. 

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