Retail and business signs are critical to the success of local businesses. To adequately share information with consumers and connect with potential customers, business owners need to attract consumer attention, giving them a reason to walk through the door. By promoting your business’ brand and features with signs, you can quickly and easily communicate the message you most want to share.

Below are a few ways that businesses can use signs to make a difference for your company’s success.


Business and retail signs help get first-time shoppers in the door of a business. A good, eye-catching sign will also help with word-of-mouth as an identifier when someone is looking for your business. The quality of your interior and exterior signs may reflect the quality of your products or services to potential customers, so be sure to order high-quality signs. Conversely, the absence of signs or the use of poorly written or worded signs may deter visitors and customers from entering your store at all.

Signs are important to a business, large or small. Those businesses with a single location need effective signage to stand out from competitors in the area, and a business with multiple locations needs consistent signage that reflects their brand to help customers recognize them regardless of location.


Your signs are an always-on, inexpensive sales team, promoting your business, day and night. The initial cost of a sign, amortized over its lifetime in front of/on/in your business, will ultimately be one of the least expensive marketing tactics you ever undertake—and you only pay for it once. Your signs will passively promote your business and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

One caveat to the 24/7 nature of signage is to consider what happens when the sun goes down—does your sign need up- or downlighting? Should it be specially illuminated? Or will it be visible without any extra adornment?


Well-designed, high-quality point-of-sale signs, display signs, and other announcement signs help influence a customer’s actions, encouraging them to spend. Be strategic with the placement of signs to guide customers to the items or services you want to sell—these are your in-store advertisements, drawing attention to specific sales or promotions.

Signs are also great for compelling add-on purchases or impulse buys. They grab customer attention and generate a sense of urgency, tempting buyers to make unplanned purchases. Be clear and bold, using color and language to make the sell—but don’t forget your branding!


Working with a locally-owned marketing service company like PIP Metro Indy provides companies with an established team to work with that know the area, the audience, and what works for the specific environment. These experts have the skills and experience to provide valuable guidance for designing and purchasing signs. Give us a call today to learn more.

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