As the joviality of the holiday season gives way to serious new year’s resolutions, fitness centers will inevitably see membership and attendance levels spike as many people resolve to get healthier in the new year. Gymnasiums and training centers also become more popular at this time of year, as basketball, volleyball, and other indoor sports get under way.

If the signage at your fitness center, gymnasium, or exercise studio also needs a physical makeover, consider the strategic use of signs to create a better guest experience while making visitors feel more comfortable and confident. Fitness-related signage is effective for communicating policies and procedures, minimizing injuries, promoting classes and special discounts, offering directions and so much more.

Here are five common types of signage we can help you add or update in your gym or fitness center.

Warnings and policies—Remind guests of safety procedures, warn them about potential dangers or discourage improper behavior or equipment usage with prominent signs around entrances, in equipment areas and locker rooms.

Directional—Fitness centers, gymnasiums, and other sporting arenas are typically large and wayfinding signs help people know where to go. Directional signage helps establish routes for getting to restrooms and locker rooms, saunas and spas, and other important areas. These signs can also be used to communicate emergency exit plans and the location of safety equipment. Don’t forget that floor graphics can be as useful as traditional signage in offering directions.

ADA signage—It’s important that gyms create a welcoming atmosphere for guests with disabilities. ADA-related signage might include raised signage for elevator buttons, as well as signs pointing visitors to accessible facilities within a center, as well as entrances and exits.

Announcements—Signs promoting special events, class schedules, marketing promotions or new policies should be posted throughout your facility. This can include large-format signs in windows and hanging ceiling signs to advertise short-term discounts and other special offers.

Marketing and branding—Reinforce your brand and entice potential new customers with marketing messages at your entrance, in windows and other high-visibility locations. These signs can include vinyl graphics and lettering, wall murals and welcoming banners. Whichever you choose, aim for a consistent look with your fonts, colors, and materials.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to review your signage needs and replace and refresh as needed. Whether it’s an indoor exercise facility that needs new signage or another type of facility, we can deliver creative, eye-catching signage that delivers on your communication and marketing needs. Reach out to us today to learn about our many options!

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