As marketers, we often talk about “brand” and “branding” interchangeably: You might apply your company’s branding to a brochure or webpage, and you might look at your marketing materials to ensure your brand is communicated clearly.

But your brand isn’t just your branding.

A brand is essentially your business personality, an outward expression of who your business is—and not just in terms of your products and services, but a brand represents something more complex and meaningful.

So while a logo and color palette are essential parts of your visual identity, your brand is something much bigger. Here are several hallmarks of a strong brand:

Consistency. The impact of a well-conceived and consistent brand is cumulative. Each interaction people have with your brand, and every time they’re exposed to your brand elements and messaging, its strength is reinforced.

Recognizable. Your brand needs to stand out and be identifiable to your core audience. Some of this comes from visual identity–and, if you make packaged or labeled goods, ensuring that each product looks like it comes from the same family.

Powered by purpose. Your brand should all add up to a reason for being. And it’s not just about consumers, but a brand also represents your promise to employees, business partners and other key stakeholders. Is your purpose reflected in your brand?

Now, let’s talk about your branding
Even with these other considerations, your visual identity is still a significant part of your brand. Do your color palette and graphic elements accurately portray your brand in the best light? Is your logo still helping your brand stand out in the marketplace? Does it reflect who you are as a company today?

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