No matter how far technology has advanced, printed business cards will always be necessary. They are the pinnacle of an on-the-spot lead generation, sales tactic, and advertising tool all wrapped in a high-quality printed card. A great business card will quickly display your brand, your company’s messaging, and how you can help a potential customer — but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Here are a few key considerations when thinking about your next run of business cards:

Paper Weight

Since business cards are handled day in and day out, the thicker the paper the better. This will help them withstand your wallet or card holder as well as the high-touch of passing your card to potential customers. Any stock that is too thin could feel flimsy or too “DIY” for your brand if you are wanting to portray a level of professionalism. PIP Metro Indy can provide samples of various paper stocks to see which would best suit your needs.

Paper Finish or Coating

The finish on your business card is a great way to further personalize your cards and add an extra touch of your brand into the design. There are a wide variety of finish options, such as:

  • Gloss;
  • Matte;
  • Synthetic;
  • Suede;
  • Aqueous;
  • Silk;
  • UV (ultraviolet);
  • and more!

These finishes can also provide an extra layer of protection to help your card last longer in the hands (or on the desks) of potential customers. 


While not inclusive, there are a wide range of additional options we can add to make a great first impression:

  • Rounded corners;
  • Foil;
  • Spot UV;
  • Embossing/Debossing;
  • Die Cuts;
  • Pearlized stocks;
  • Painted edge;
  • Perforation;
  • and much more.

A business card design can be a great way to express your business’ mission in a compact way, but don’t go overboard with design or finishing elements. Your card should be simple, informative and easy to understand. Trust us, we understand this is easier said than done – but we’re here to help!

Start your next business card order with the PIP Metro Indy team at your side. We can provide assistance with branding, design, paper stocks, finishes, and much more. Contact us today to see how we can help your business cards blend marketing strategy with top notch professionalism. 

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