When you visit a store, shop online or search for an item, labels are a key factor in choosing a product. Whatever the industry, they share a common function: communicating essential information, listing ingredients, including any unique selling points (USP), and helping you make a purchasing decision.

Research shows that 60% of brand decisions are made after a shopper has entered a store, and their decision is made within 2.5 seconds. Knowing this, successful labels are necessary to a business because they could mean the difference between a consumer buying their product or their competitor’s offering.

While there are numerous elements that make for an effective label, here are four that will help them stand out:

Clarity: The primary purpose of a label is to communicate important information to prospective consumers and encourage them to make a purchase. It goes without saying that the label must be clear, uncluttered, and legible. A shopper should be able to easily identify the brand and product name, even if some remaining content is in a smaller font.

Branded: The label should convey your company’s branding through its look and feel and by adhering to your brand standards. These include aligning with your brand’s colors and being consistent with your established design and logo, while still catching the customer’s eye and standing out from the competition.

Materials/Substrate: From laminate to liner and all layers in between, the application of the product usually dictates the substrate used. Select the best choice for the product by considering whether it will be used in or around extreme heat, cold, moisture, etc. Also consider whether a slick, shiny finish or a natural matte finish better reflects the brand aesthetic.

Attractive: When faced with several brands of the same product, a customer will gravitate toward the attractive and memorable. The images and typography pairing must be eye-catching and interesting. Carefully examine and choose the color, font, graphics, illustrations, label shape and any embellishments (foil, embossing, etc.)—each of these elements can play a role in helping your product stand out on a crowded shelf.

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