Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Of course, we urge you to remember that the most important part of your big day is getting to celebrate you and your spouse’s love for each other in front of your friends and family. However, they’ll need to know how to get to the event, when to show up, what to wear, etc. With so many moving parts between choosing the venue, the catering, the attire and much more, it’s easy to let your invitations and custom signage slip by. On the bright side, PIP Metro Indy can help walk you through the wedding printing process to ensure your custom wedding stationary and signage matches the vision for your big day (with plenty of time to spare).

Here are a few ways we can help bring your big day’s vision to life:

Industry Knowledge

With over 100 years of collective experience across the PIP Metro Indy team, we’ve seen a lot of weddings and met with hundreds of couples planning their big days. While you are focusing on other aspects, we will be behind the scenes working on design mockups, ideas, and samples to help envision your wedding stationary theme. Wedding expenses can add up quickly, but the PIP Metro Indy team can pull out the tips and tricks to optimize your budget while still creating showstopping prints. We will help reduce information overload on details cards, help format a program, or even show off some new ideas we’ve seen in the industry. We’d be happy to provide a professional opinion and insight if requested!

Wide Selection

While there are standard industry sizes for items or frequent orders, PIP Metro Indy offers truly customizable printing and signage need to fit your needs. We do stock common papers, envelopes and substrates in house, but if there is something you have your mind set on, we can order it from a wide variety of our trusted vendors. We can source thick, textured or colored sheets and even run sizes larger than you can DIY with the standard at-home office printer. Plus, we would be happy to print samples of your artwork on a few paper options, so you can make a better decision on what look will best represent your wedding. 

Quality Control

A wedding is the “ultimate” event, and PIP Metro Indy understands that you want every detail to be taken care of; we can help achieve that! We provide consistently printed color, high-quality paper stock, as well as a second set of eyes over your final product to ensure it’s correct. We will provide an estimated timeline for completion when you place an order, so if you need to talk through adjustments or change the specifications on certain elements, we will do our best to accommodate any requests! Plus, a high quality invitation or wedding info kit is more likely to garner quicker responses and get more guests to attend your special day.

Time Savings

Often times other wedding planning elements take priority and invitations, signage, parking directions, and more can be pushed to the wayside. That’s where we come in! While there are a lot of factors that go into our production times, we will do everything in our power to ensure your printed elements are done when you need them. Our team will touch base during the printing process and let you know an estimated timeline the items will be completed by, so you can plan accordingly. You can take your time savings and pour yourself into other aspects of wedding planning, or even take a well deserved nap while we work behind the scenes to achieve your wedding theme’s vision in print. 

Personalized Touch

Fun fact: each PIP Metro Indy team member has coordinated a wedding of their own. We’ve all gone through the ups and downs of coordinating our own big days, and we’d love to pass along what we’ve learned to you. We can help find creative ways to incorporate special references or moments into your printed pieces that are special for you as a couple. We’ll review everything to help ensure it is cohesive and brings your personality through the paper to your guests.We know you have a lot on your plate, and we are happy to dedicate our efforts and knowledge to ensuring your printing looks like you expect. 

We are happy to sit down and discuss your vision and theme to help guide you along the way – we know the entire wedding planning process can be overwhelming! We have a wide variety of service offerings to fit anything from intimate weddings to extravaganzas. Choosing PIP Metro Indy to help with stationary and signage will be the easiest decision you have to make for your wedding. Contact us to see how we can help.

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