As recognized leaders in sign design and creation, it’s our job to help companies develop a signage strategy to promote their businesses, share important information, give directions and raise awareness. But it’s also our job to bring you the latest and greatest sign design options and developments in the industry.

Here, we explore five popular signage trends.

  1. Minimalism: Visual simplicity holds a strong appeal for many customers, calling to mind the adage, “Less is more.” Cleaner, easily navigable and with plenty of white space, minimal sign design quickly and easily communicates your message, inviting exploration and engagement. Minimalist design opts for fewer colors, simple fonts, and focuses on the essentials, avoiding unnecessary fussiness, crowded images, or complicated and distracting copy or other elements.
  2. Sustainability: There are more environmentally friendly materials available for making signs than ever before. These renewable resources—like wood, cardboard, and bamboo—join recyclable substrates like aluminum and acrylic and can be used for traditional signs as well as banners and wall and window graphics. Sustainable signage solutions also reflect an eco-friendly commitment and, best of all, they’re durable and often less costly.
  3. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Many companies are embracing equity and inclusivity in their design, creating signs that welcome everybody. Inclusive signs are intentionally designed to consider the needs of customers of all abilities and backgrounds, presenting a clear message to everyone. A subset of inclusivity, accessible signage may include clear imagery featuring high-contrast colors to support visually impaired consumers. These signs may also include recognizable icons.
  4. Personalization: A popular trend across the marketing industry is personalization, especially for direct mail, email, and customer experience creation. Signage is no different. Customers will gravitate toward those signs that stand out from the crowd. These signs may draw attention to your business, indicate location, be directional or serve as an information resource. The most important thing is to leverage the customizability to align signs with your brand, using fonts, colors, logos or other elements that resonate with your brand identity.
  5. Maximalism: Though minimalism is one of the most popular sign styles today, another is at the other extreme: more ornate and elaborate signage design. A lot of the inspiration for these elaborate signs comes from the vintage designs of the ‘60s and ‘70s, though creativity can tap into any era. Many of today’s designs reflect a retro “vibe” with neon influences, the use of earth tones or fancy embellishments. They also play with typography, looking to the influences of the Victorian era and Art Deco styles.

While there are certain perennial elements of signage, the “hot” trends change rapidly. Our sign experts keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s popular and can discuss these and other signage trends with you. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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