The PIP Metro Indy team has had the pleasure of helping so many new clients in 2023, and we’d love to continue to help companies like yours grow in the second half of the year! Whether you’re looking to expand your marketing materials into larger pieces such as signage or get started from the ground up, we can help! Our experienced staff will guide you through the printing process and provide innovative solutions along the way to help save costs. Plus, we’re keeping up on the latest trends and substrates to ensure your projects stand out from the crowd.

Here are the top 4 industry trends on the horizon for Q3 of 2023:

1. Advertise With Your Outdoor Events

If you are attending a tradeshow, craft fair, car show, or a large event that you have some space to spread out, PIP Metro Indy can help you maximize your branding. Popular customized items include feather flags, pop-up tents, banners, yard signs, and much more. Whether you’re looking for something small and budget friendly or an elaborate tradeshow display – the options are endless! We’d love to help you make the most impact and stand out from the crowd with captivating signage and branding; give our expert team a call to schedule a discovery meeting and see how we can assist.

2. Add A Custom Finish To Your Marketing Materials

Did you know that you can add a wide range of custom finishes and features to your marketing materials? Our most popular selections are: Spot UV (Raised or Flat), Foil, Die Cut, Rounded Corners, Suede Lamination, Embossing, or even painted edges. While this is not an all-encompassing list, PIP Metro Indy can help take your printed materials to the next level with these special touches. You can also check out our Pinterest to see items we have customized and personalized for other clients to gather ideas for your project.

3. Your Projects Delivered To Your Door

We understand that your time is extremely valuable, and you might not have availability to come by and pick up your orders. On the other hand, you might need to split the order and ship it to multiple offices or locations after it is finished. Whatever your shipping situation is, PIP Metro Indy can help! Whether you ask us to ship directly to you or split an order across multiple addresses, let us take care of the process from idea to delivery! If you want to discuss the specs of your next project and its delivery requirements, give our expert team a call!

4. Quick Turnaround Posters and Paper Signage

If you are in a time-crunch for a poster or large paper sign, don’t fret! PIP Metro Indy has now added a large paper format machine in house. This means we can print all kinds of large paper outputs in a shorter amount of time than ever before. We typically stock 24” or 36” wide stocks, so the options are endless! If you need some inspiration or have ideas for your next custom signage project, check out our Pinterest to see how we’ve helped other customers bring their posters and signs to life.

If you have a project on queue and would like to get started or learn more about our turnaround and sizing options, give our expert team a call to see how we can help. 

Our team is here to support you and find the best solution for any of your upcoming projects. We’re keeping an eye on the latest trends in printing and signage to keep our customers on the cutting edge to stand out from their competition. If you are looking for some additional inspiration, check out our Pinterest for examples of past projects we’ve completed. 

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If you have a current or prospective project, give our expert team a call to discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help!

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