• Frequently Asked Questions & Artwork Guidelines

  • Artwork Guidelines

    At PIP, we aim to make the experience with us simple, easy, and user-friendly. We've compiled a list of frequently asked artwork questions and guidelines to help the process. Of course, if there is something not covered on these instructions, please feel free to reach out to us here to see how we may be of assistance.


    Artwork Guidelines + Print Ready File Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    The PIP staff have worked together to compile our most frequently asked questions to help new + existing customers with their orders. 

    1) What are overruns and underruns?

    For large quantity orders, we often indicate there could be a 5-10% over or underrun that we cannot account for until the job is complete. Unlike digital printing, running additional copies after the press run is completed cannot be done without considerable expense. This can also apply to large quantity signs, promotional items, and more!

    For example, anywhere in the process, sheets can be damaged, scratched, bent, smeared, wrinkled, misaligned or miscut. Any error in printing will be discarded. We take pride in our quality and don’t want to provide you with sub-par products. We almost always print 5-10% more than the quantity ordered so there is room to discard the errors and provide the finished quantity requested. Occasionally, we will have to discard more than the base amount, resulting in an under-run. We do try to avoid this when possible, but it does happen on occasion. We only charge for the number of products that are actually shipped.

    2) Do you expedite orders?

    Almost daily, we get requests for same day orders. The standard lead time for most projects is approximately 3 business days after proof approval (unless otherwise noted). This is to ensure that the customer has received a proof, we have enough stock for the project, and we will have plenty of time to do any bindery processes after running the project.

    If we have an opening in our production schedule, and we have all of the required materials and resources to complete the job, we will be able to accommodate the request. However, there may be an additional fee. This upgrade in priority requires us to push jobs already in production back, therefore there is a premium cost to rush if we have a full schedule of orders in front that were already placed. We will notify you of the rush cost before proceeding, and will not proceed with printing until we have written confirmation from the customer they would like to proceed with the rush request.

    3) Why might I be asked to prepay an order?

    We are creating a custom product for you. As these are not stock items, they are only of use to the customer ordering them. Once we have begun printing, there is no going back. If we do not receive payment for the job, our cost (paper, toner, time, bindery, etc.) is lost. As a small business, we simply cannot afford to be out this money for a job that was not paid for. Therefore, you may be asked to prepay for an order before production can begin. If you would like to set up an account so you may charge the items and send a check or ACH, please contact MaryBeth@PIPMetroIndy.com to request a credit application. This must be filled out to completion and verified before the account is set up.

    4) Why must I place an order before you will send me a proof?

    We do have an in-house graphic artist. Once you have placed a new order or revision, as part of our service, we will provide proofs per product. This is not free unless an order has been placed, as we will have to invest time and resources into creating the piece, but this service is included as part of the cost of manufacturing your product. However, we will not provide any artwork without the order being placed first. We can provide proofs separate from an order for an additional fee. If you provide us with print-ready artwork, a proof will not be provided. The file you submitted is your proof. Please review it for accuracy.

    5) Why do I have to sign off on a proof?

    We require a completed proof approval form for all new products/any revisions of previously printed products. Your prints will not go into production without written approval. Our usual production lead time is approximately 3 business days from the time we receive the approved proof. If we do not receive the proof in a timely manner, this will delay the printing process.

    We are creating a custom product for each customer. If there is an error (anything from a phone number being incorrect to a low res logo, etc.), you might find that product has no use to you. We don’t want to produce a product our customer cannot use, nor do you want to pay for something that’s going to be scrapped.

    6) What types of art will you accept?

    It is your responsibility to provide print-ready art for your product (unless noted on the estimate you were provided). If PIP is setting the artwork, we will provide the file in a print-ready format. Screen-printing requires a “Vector Art File” in the appropriate format. We accept “Adobe Illustrator with Outlines”, “Unlocked PDF” and “EPS Files”, with crops and bleeds when applicable. Please also refer to our Artwork Guidelines found on our website! We will lay out your art to best fit the product you order. An order must be placed before any proofs will be provided. We can estimate the time it takes to make adjustments to artwork, if required, and if we are able to make the changes on the provided file. If the file is not print-ready, there will be an additional charge for artwork where applicable. PIP will indicate to client estimated cost before proceeding with the alterations.

    7) Will you design my logo?

    Yes! We can design your logo or produce the graphic art for your product for an additional cost. Using the artwork, we will work with you to arrange the best layout for your prints. As part of our service, we include a proof of each product ordered, at no additional charge. This service is part of any new order or revision that is placed. However, we do not provide proofs unless an order has been placed. If you already have an image, but just need a vector file for printing, we can do that too! We would require the highest version of the logo you have, in any format you are able to find, so that we may recreate it into a vector piece of artwork.

    8) Why are shipping costs not included in my quote?

    On almost every order, actual shipping cost is based on the final weight and box sizes. The total costs of the job plus shipping cannot be calculated until the order is ready to ship, as we will not know what size boxes we can put them in, how much they will weigh, how fast you would like them delivered, etc. We do not charge the shipping costs to your account until the product is ready to ship. All shipping costs must be prepaid prior to the product being shipped. If required, we can estimate the shipping, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy until the job has been completed and packaged. Typically, we ship via UPS unless otherwise requested.

    9) Why did my credit card get charged a second time?

    This does not apply to everyone, but if we did not quote shipping, or this is a large quantity order, please continue. At the time your order is placed, it does not include shipping costs or any overrun amounts. We do not know if an overrun or an underrun of your product will occur (please see Question 1 on over and underruns). On most production runs, this usually is plus or minus 5-10%. Until the order is ready to ship, we do not know the exact number of boxes (please see Question 8 on shipping). The shipping charges (and the over or underrun, if applicable) amount is charged to your credit card when the product is shipped. Orders will not be shipped until these charges have been paid. You will only pay for the quantity of product that is actually shipped.

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