We can assist you with all of your paper stock needs, but if you have already found the perfect stock for your next project (envelopes, labels, paper, etc.), you can bring it to us to see if we are able to print on it! However, there are a few caveats that would prevent us from being able to use it, such as:

  • Glitter of any kind on the stock. The glitter gets stuck in our machine, and our service technicians are not happy with us when this happens!
  • Thickness of the stock. Our machines can only process paper up to a certain thickness without getting stuck or not properly fusing the toner onto the stock.
  • Certain adhesives. For example, if a label stock is not approved for a digital, dry-toner based machine, it could melt the adhesive and render the product useless.

While we cannot guarantee every stock you bring in will be approved to run through our machine, we are happy to take a look and provide feedback and additional guidance on stock selection as needed. Please keep in mind that we will likely lose several pieces in setup and testing, so please bring extras (up to 10% is the industry standard for overruns and underruns).