For large quantity orders, we often indicate there could be a 5-10% over or underrun that we cannot account for until the job is complete. Unlike digital printing, running additional copies after the press run is completed cannot be done without considerable expense. This can also apply to large quantity signs, promotional items, and more!

For example, anywhere in the process, sheets can be damaged, scratched, bent, smeared, wrinkled, misaligned or miscut. Any error in printing will be discarded. We take pride in our quality, and don’t want to provide you with a sub-par products. We almost always print 5-10% more than the quantity ordered so there is room to discard the errors and provide the finish quantity requested. Occasionally, we will have to discard more than the base amount, resulting in an under-run. We do try to avoid this when possible, but it does happen on occasion. We only charge for the number of products that are actually shipped.