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Top 10 Printing Pitfalls To Avoid

March 14, 2022|

At PIP Metro Indy, we receive countless files each week for custom printing projects. However, many of the artwork files ...

7 Steps To Improve Promotional Product Campaigns

February 28, 2022|

Successful promotion campaigns don’t happen by chance. To realize goals, promotional products programs must be carefully planned. This includes taking ...

Understanding The Importance of Clean Data

February 15, 2022|

Over time, businesses that actively use data accumulate a lot of information. Without proper maintenance, that information eventually grows outdated, ...

Refresh and Revisit Branded Packaging

January 24, 2022|

Attractive, high-quality packaging is a critical investment, as 72% of consumers say that a product’s package substantially influences their purchasing ...

Reconnect with PIP in 2022

January 4, 2022|

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, PIP Metro Indy has remained open and operating to provide high-quality printing, signage and marketing ...

Envelopes 101: The Ultimate Size Guide

November 28, 2021|

Choosing the right envelope for your next project can be a confusing process, but the PIP Metro Indy team is ...

Free Print-Ready Design Templates

November 27, 2021|

PIP Metro Indy wants to help your designs stand out from the competition. While we have a graphic designer ...

Top Picks For Commercial-Use Font Websites

November 1, 2021|

If you want to create eye-catching, show stopping marketing materials for your business/brand, the design process typically starts with choosing ...

Changing Things Up

July 20, 2016|

You read that title right. Here at PIP, we want to make some changes to give better service to our current ...

Buzzworthy Promotional Products for 2016

January 5, 2016|

Oprah revealed her annual list of Favorite Things in November, and consumers are swarming to scoop up these hot items just in ...

PIP Metro Indy logo, a marketing, signs, print company

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